What Team are U Rooting for?

I have worked on many teams in my life. I would rate them from dreadful, good, great, to sometimes extraordinary. This weekend I worked with one of my clients who hosted a huge event to raise funds for children with cancer. We only had 6 months to execute the plan which started as a dream, turned into a plan, engaged new people along the journey and watched a dream turn into reality.

What makes a team work?

Leadership, Leadership, Leadership – they set the stage, they gather the team of people, they send a clear message of high expectations and they are constantly touching base with or nudging each team member along. When problems arise they solve them and encourage the team to try new things.

Why do teams fail?

Leadership, Leadership, Leadership – they set the stage, they assign the wrong people to the wrong job, there are basically no expectations, so failure is eminent, they let everyone fly solo. When problems arise you better know how to solve them because you’re not getting any help. And teammates are always ready and willing to throw others under the bus.players-win-games-team-win-championshipsGenerally speaking, the team members will follow the same behavior as the team captain. Here are 3 things that can help you identify a well-oiled team:

  1. When things go wrong, no one can tell because the team helps one another to keep the flow going.
    2. No one person takes personal credit for the success or failure.
    3. If the endeavor fails, the team begins to regroup, identify the issues and start all over again.

I’m rooting for the winning team, that’s the one that measures performance, keeps tabs on the progress and, at the end of the day, can confirm success.

Carol is a professional speaker, coach and educational consultant specializing in innovative leadership, outrageous fundraising, million dollar marketing, and building organizational alliances throughout the country. Carol’s creative leadership provides bullet proof ideas for recruiting MORE MEMBERS, MORE MONEY AND BETTER LEADERS to your team. www.caroltalks.com 610-442-4545 tellkids@aol.com Like Carol on Caroltalks and CarolCoaches! Carol S. Ritter, Past President, National Speakers Association Philadelphia and St. Luke’s University Hospital Visiting Nurses Association & Hospice.

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