The “R” Word and Cinnabon

RISK….so many clients are scared out of their wits of taking a risk. Why? Because they believe failure is the worse feeling in the world? Or perhaps, because it will cost them money. Money and Failure- is that just a perception or is it real? I love to follow successful entrepreneurs. Generally, when I have time to read, I go right to Fortune, Entrepreneur or Inc. publications but today I tuned into MSNBC -Your Business. Kat Cole, the CEO of Cinnabon and former Hooters waitress, was the guest. What a fascinating interview! I listened, learned and decided to share with you some of her ideas. She was, by far, a RISK TAKER

First, she gives her mom a lot of the credit for her success. “I had a great MOM! She never gave up, always positive, and so supportive. She figured things out and always did everything with humor, as bad as it got. We lived on a food budget of $10 per week at one time and I learned to live on spam and like it.” (SHOUT OUT TO ALL THE MOM’S OUT THERE) She knows what it feels like to be poor and struggle. But her claim to fame is that she worked her butt off and positioned herself unknowingly as the person who could do every single job at Cinnabon. Her first BIG promotion was that she would open Cinnabons all over the world.

cinnabon_salted_caramel_center_of_the_rollShe believes that successful leaders need to be….

She goes on to say that the ability to discern one crazy idea from another is one of her strong points. CRAZY Ideas and Risk….the crazier, the riskier. She then states that women, many times, hold themselves back because they spend too much time looking for perfection. If you are looking for perfection you will NEVER take a risk, that’s a fact.

Risk takers are the Mark Cuban’s of the world. Risk takers are the Oprah Winfrey’s of the world and Risk Takers are the most successful in the world. If you can’t possibly imagine failing or spending dollars on taking a risk, just get used to business as usual!
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