New Year New Ideas to Grow UR Biz

Happy New Year….new year, new ideas, new clients, new new new. So many times we all make New Year’s Resolutions and I guess the question is, “Do we ever keep them?” Some of us do but, for the most part, the main resolutions are ‘I’m going to quit smoking, begin to exercise, go on a diet, change jobs, start to eat healthy and pay off debt.’ So, I’m thinking, maybe we should rename New Year’s Resolutions. Let’s change the name and see if you and your business feel more inclined to honor the promise. How about…12 Months of Change and New Ideas?

A New Year’s resolution, according to Wikipedia, is a tradition, most common in the Western Hemisphere but also found in the Eastern Hemisphere, in which a person makes a promise to do an act of self-improvement or something slightly nice, such as opening doors for people beginning from New Year’s Day.[1]

January – Start the Year ouunknown-6t Right – Make the Commitment

February – A month of love…we love our customers…show it with specials, a clean store, friendly employees and a welcoming atmosphere.

March – Try one new Customer Service Greeting that is practiced and used every time.

April – Strengthen your Relationships.

May – Employees are your first Customers – TREAT THEM LIKE GOLD

June – Commit to Summer Specials

July – Introduce Vacation Specials

August – Begin End of Year Continuing Education

September – Celebrate Loyalty from Customers

October – Get Spooky with an Out of the World Special

November – The month of Thanksgiving and giving back, Connect with a Charity.

December – Host a Holiday/Celebration Party- review your accomplishments – think about REWARDS for outstanding work.

If you cannot commit to 12 Months of Change and New Ideas, then just eat Pork and Sauerkraut and hope for the best.

Carol is a Motivational Speaker, Executive Coach, Fundraising Strategist, Social Media Quarterback and Small Business Advisor. She is Lehigh Valley’s sought after consultant who assists organizations with results driven growth. Her strategies can be easily adapted to a for profit or non-profit environment. Carol specializes in high impact leadership, million dollar fundraising, smash the box marketing, and creating word of mouth epidemics for her clients. Visit Carol’s website at and “LIKE” Carol at Caroltalks on Facebook. Carol S. Ritter, Past President, National Speakers Association Philadelphia and past board chair for St. Luke’s University Hospital Visiting Nurses Association & Hospice.

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