Grow Ur Biz – Want More Customers, Eat More Chocolate

What a week! I visited a local small store that I shop in about every other week. I always see employee turnover but never seemed to notice a customer service issue until last Saturday. I was in a hurry, ran in to get a bag of candy. The candy aisle was filled with boxes for restocking. I specifically needed chocolate, don’t we all? The clerk was stocking the shelves right at the bags of chocolate. I said, “Excuse me.” She replied sharply, “EXCUSE ME!” I stood there in shock. She did not move. So, the message I got was that I shouldn’t buy the candy and should just step back and let her stock the shelves. I left!

Then I went to the next store. I thought surely they would have DOVE candy in this drug store. I stopped by the ladies room and it was filthy. I’m thinking this is a place where employees who handle your medications are using this rest room. It was so bad, I left.

On to the next stop. This was the polar opposite! This time I was in a restaurant to get a smoothie. I wanted something quick and healthy and the gal suggested a mango spinach smoothie. I asked what it tasted like and she told me, “If you don’t like it, I will get you a new one.” How refreshing. I said, “You will get me a new one?” “Yes, on us.” I ordered the smoothie and it was delicious. She even came over to my table to see what I thought it. I stayed.

I spoke this week at aturtles-bottomimage-new state convention (that’s why I needed the chocolate.) I hand it out during my speech on EXTREME TEAMS. I started the speech with research done by Yale University that states…

“Sharing an experience (eating chocolate) with another person, amplifies one’s experience.” Taking up this “better together” principle can help you build a better customer experience and a stronger brand. Whatever your service or your product, it likely improves in “taste” if it’s experienced by two or more of your customers together.

Store #1 Employee – needs to share Chocolate
Store #2 – needs to eat Chocolate and learn how to care about their store’s reputation
                                                                             Store #3, I’m sure is already sharing the Chocolate!!!

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