Traveling this week and, oh, the customer service was challenging at times. I have a philosophy….. “when restaurants aren’t busy, the service goes down and takes longer.” Pay attention next time you show up for lunch at 2:30 when the employees are gabbing, eating and not paying attention to the customers. It happens all the time. So, I’m in a coffee shop at 3pm and there is no one to be found. Finally, after 5 minutes, I went “BEHIND THE SCENES” where I heard someone talking. Possibly a big mistake. “Excuse me, is someone working the counter?” WRONG QUESTION! She responded, “I’m getting a delivery now.” What? I’m thinking you’re getting a delivery so I can’t order ice tea? So, now she was ticked off. I continued to be polite, ordered an unsweetened ice tea (it was National Ice Tea Day) and she tells me that the iced tea was sweetened with oranges. I’m interested but when I tasted it, it was loaded with sugar. She insisted there was no sugar in it. I gave up, I paid and threw it away. Here’s the problem, so many times we cave to miserable customer service because we don’t want to upset them more……being polite, kind, interested and service-oriented is their job. Being a smart aleck or an uninterested employee is just not acceptable. Who’s at fault? Of course, it’s the owner, leader etc.

Then, the next day I went to eat lunch at the hotel’s restaurant. You could order off the restaurant week menu or a short lunch menu. I chose the restaurant week, appetizer to dessert for $15. Every time I asked the waitress a question she had to run in the back to get an answer. She was pleasant but not properly trained. I got my ‘restaurant week’ choice and a bill for $35. How could this be? I called the server over but she was not able to help me. I went to the hostess and told her and she bolted outside to find the manager. She ran back, apologized and said the bill would be corrected.13087495_10153391312016991_2845204624915466416_n


1. I’m wondering if making money is far more important than taking care of your customer!
2. Is leadership to blame? No training, no accountability which equals employees who just don’t care.
3. Sales and Customer Services always must come before deliveries!


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