“Here is my identification, I want to pay my citation.” “I’m sorry ma’m but you have to go to another location to pay the citation.” “Listen, I was in a car accident last week, look I still have a black eye and I’m walking with a cane.” He says, “Ma’m, I’m sorry to hear that, however, you need to go to this location to pay the citation.” She sighs and says, “Can I beg someone to let me do it here?” “I’m sorry but you can’t, but you can go downstairs and pick up your police report.” “Well, can I pay the citation there?” He says, “No ma’m, you go on the elevator and ask for ‘xyz’ and he will give you the police report.” This guy’s skills were impeccable, she went on and on to try and get her own way and he politely continued to be a broken record and tell her what she had to do.

The line begins to grow and the people in line are making faces, annoyed and have just about had it with this woman who had no consideration for anyone except herself. Finally, she leaves in a huff and begins to look for the elevator. Believe it or not, she yelled one more time, “I want to pay my citation HERE! “ The woman in line in front of me turns to me and says, “GEEZ, what’s with her?”

I had a different take on this. Was that man so well-trained or just experienced with the troubled public? Here’s what he did right….

He kept his calm as she pressured him.

He gave her options.

He showed empathy to her for being in a car accident

He used the broken record strategy – repeat calmly, repeat calmly, repeat calmly.

He did not comment on her after she left.

I’m sure he went home and told his wife over dinner, ‘wait till you hear what happened at the forum today.’ Congratulations sir, you know EXTREME CUSTOMER SERVICE!
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