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It’s Musikfest! My company is promoting an event in September, the Angel 34 South Italy Imports International Food and Wine Festival. South Italy Imports invited us to hand out “SAVE THE DATE” postcards at Musikfest. Besides dodging the incredible down pour, it was an eye opening experience. It was a lesson in people, it was a lesson in politeness and it was a lesson in rudeness. It was all about Boosting the Brand of the event. Getting the word out and inviting folks to join us to raise dollars for children with pediatric cancer. As a bonus, South Italy was providing wine sampling for the festival attendees. We tried a number of strategies to get the word out.

Strategy 1 – wait for folks to approach me – didn’t work.
Strategy 2 – look for friendly folks to talk to – didn’t work
Strategy 3 – go to the curb and say we are hosting another festival at Artsquest – BINGO

As soon as I said there will be another festival, the festival lovers stopped and listened. Some said thanks, some said I’ve already heard of this, some said no thanks, some said I’m there and I’ll bring all my friends and then I met the nicest rudest person in the world. I saw a group of people standing by the ice cream stand. I said, “hello folks may I tell you about another festival in coming to Artsquest in September?” She answers, “with a big smile on her face, thank you very much, BUT YOU MAY NOT.” I backed away and said have a nice day. She was so proud of her rudeness and laughed in a mean way when I left. It’s not always easy to BOOST UR BRAND, here are some techniques for getting the word out.



  1. Blog about the event every single week – focus on your expertise
    2. Media driven self promotion of the event – get everyone talking about the event
    3. Set yourself up as a BIG FISH in a small pond – think about who can help you Boost UR Brand, educate them  especially past clients
    4. Utilize opportunities to plant seeds – networking, writing, and social events

Handing out “save the date” cards at a festival is like going door to door without houses. It’s just one more opportunity to BOOST UR BRAND, tell ur story and teach people that you represent a noble cause and are planning a one of a kind amazing event to benefit children.


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