August 16th Elvis Presley would have been 82 years old. Who remembers his unique musical delivery, his charisma like no other, his Elvis the pelvis reputation and of course his smooth talkin persona.

There was much more to Elvis than what you saw on stage and in the movies. He understood marketing, branding and if alive today would have embraced social media. Did you know that he has a saying “Taking Care of Business” that was so important to him his provided necklaces with the slogan so they would remember that business was important and a priority.

And then there was Colonel Parker his long time partner who created a brand that continues to live and become the top grossing entertainment brand in the world bringing in $55 million a year. The one thing Elvis understood and clearly practices was that he recognized his strengths and weaknesses and surrounded himself with people who would compliment his skills and maximize impact and cash flow.

Elvis understood the value of global thinking. He always thought big and global. His 1973 concert, Aloha from Hawaii, was the first ever satellite broadcast of a live event, shown to more than 1 billion people around the globe.

Then we can add that the Colonel and Elvis understood that the Presley brand could be successful in many other mediums. They launched into product and movies with their well known brand.

Most of you might think of Elvis as solely a “rock” artist. However, he had the ability to sing gospel, R&B, blues, rock ’n’ roll, swing and crooner jazz. He was beyond the average entertainer, bringing the world a host of performances

Entrepreneurs, it’s time to sit down, head to You Tube and listen to some of Elvis’s most famous tunes. As you are doing that think about how you might mirror some of his successful actions.

Entrepreneurs – learn about the power of branding, take care of business every day, surround yourself with loyal talented folks who can enhance your brand, diversify, always look for more revenue sources, think big, then think again and Think even Bigger.

Once you have this down pat, just enjoy his music!

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