Donny & Marie’s 5 Marketing Tactics

Last week I stayed at one of the most fabulous hotels I’ve ever seen. The customer service was over the top, out of this world and completely impressive. “Good morning, Ms. Ritter, how are you doing today?” I replied, “Great, how are you?” She then proceeded to tell me in the nicest way possible and with a big smile on her face that my room wasn’t ready. “May I take your bags, can I offer you a snack while you wait, when your room is ready I will personally take you to the elevators?” What planet was I on? I was thinking, ‘do they treat all their customers this way?’ After work was over, I decided to get tickets to the Donny & Marie show. I saw them in Allentown 40 years ago and thought they were just such great entertainers. They have been doing their show for 8 years and they add something new and exciting every year. They signed a contract for 6 weeks and continue, at 57 and 59, to provide a fun, exciting, musical variety show, packed with the frick and frack brother and sister comedy team.donnymariemainimg

Here are the Donny & Marie Marketing Tactics

First, they thanked the audience for giving them a lifelong career.

(customer appreciation at it’s best)

Second, they thanked all the famous people who helped them launch their career – Andy Williams, Bob Hope, Groucho Marx, (he pinched Marie) Lucy, Sonny & Cher, and Elvis. (they were sincerely grateful)

Third, the show offered the treasured oldies, Paper Roses and, of course, Puppy Love and it was filled with their new and exciting songs & albums. (keeping it fresh)

Fourth, they came down in the audience to form an oh so instant relationship with each person they touched (keeping the loyalty going)

and Fifth, they were funny and fun-loving (provided an enjoyable experience)

Donny & Marie (their brand is their names) have been voted the best show in Las Vegas for three years in a row, their band was voted best band and they continue to sell out crowds week after week.

What’s their secret marketing sauce…they have created a situation where they stand above all the rest. After a standing ovation the audience leaves feeling good and cant’ wait to tell everyone how great it was. BUILDING THE BRAND – NEW & EXCITING – RELATIONSHIP BUILDING – APPRECIATION AND LOYALTY, that’s all it takes to Grow UR Biz.

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