Carol Consults

Carol believes that the key to all organizational success is building a climate of trust, committing to over the top communication and focusing on results. Organizations of the future have a powerful message, focus on performance and plan for the future. You can be the most attractive agency in your community

Word Of Mouth Epidemic

You want to grow your business? It’s time to start a word of mouth epidemic. It’s time to have people selling FOR you, because you’re giving them good or interesting things to talk about. It’s time to create a public relations frenzy so when someone they know needs your services, they think of you first! Word of mouth is online, on air, at the bar….everywhere, but to make it work you gotta show up! You need press, social media content, appearances in the community and so much more. Let Carol design a plan for you and get people talking TODAY.


This year the Apollo Grill hired Caroltalks to design a 15th Anniversary celebration for the community. 15 DAYS OF GIVING was the name of the project and, as a team with 15 charities and 20 sponsors, we raised $64,000 in two months. Each and every business is unique. Our specialty is custom design. Tell us how much you want to raise and who your audience is and we can design a project or plan. One of our strengths is that we get everyone involved in the giving, not just the donor, not just the board, but the volunteers, the leadership and the community.


Sometimes marketing is the last thing on the agenda yet can be the most important. Keeping your name in front of your future customers and your present customers is a must. Having something new and exciting to share is vital to you success. Carol teaches non-profits and businesses how to leverage as much free marketing as possible. Looking to up your game? Let Caroltalks walk you down the road to success.

Event Planning

Our team has been running events for clients since our inception in 1994. Whether it be a statewide convention or a local event at the Apollo, we can help you especially with the details and systems. All you have to do is show up!

Grant Writing

Caroltalks has written many successful grants for non- profits. We can write the grant for you or teach you how to write the grant. The research and discovery piece is critical to the success of the grant. So many times, organizations believe you just need a great writer when what you really need is a great writer along with a team who is deeply connected in the community.