7 Ideas To Perk or Not to Perk

I’ve said so many times to business owners, “Your first customer is your employees”- they need to be treated well and they will then become your best advocates.” So many employers don’t realize the POWER OF THE EMPLOYEE. They actually can make you or break you on a daily basis. Step back and think about what you might do to enhance, increase and just plain take care of your staff.

DID YOU KNOW…that Google has the best employee perks; free massages, swimming pools, food, dry cleaning and more. I’m not suggesting you build a new swimming pool but a small business can do things for their staff that is impressive without being too expensive.

Here we go…..

  1. Hire a mobile car wash company to wash your staff’s cars 4 times a year.
    2. Ten minute massages on their birthday.
    3. Hire a pick up dry cleaning service to come twice a year.
    4. Bring in a food truck and offer a fun complimentary lunch.
    5. End of month BEST Company Citizen Award.
    6. Happy hour once a month on a Friday before the office closes.
    7. Community blood drive in the office – offer employees and incentive to give blood,    (don’t forget to facebook this)aaeaaqaaaaaaaallaaaajdg1ywjknjc2lwq4nzqtngmxzi05oguxltqyzdqwzjhhodnhoa  Here’s how it works. You not only raise the bar for your staff, you set an example of giving. Giving to your community, to the staff and ultimately the feel good feeling they have reflects on their ability to provide superb customer service.

Customer Service Research says, “I am willing to pay more for a service if you make me feel good.” To perk your staff or not to perk, you decide!

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