7 Ideas for RECHARGING UR Biz

One of my friends said, “Most people don’t change until staying the same becomes too hard.” This is true but reinventing yourself is important to being a successful 21st century business. There are two ways to change or reinvent yourself. One is that you add new services or items to your business or, two you create something new and exciting that stands alone.

I think that many of us may stop marketing as soon as we land a new customer or a new client. The reason might be because marketing, educating and selling sometimes is uncomfortable. Don’t be boring! I remember when my kids would say to me, “I’m bored.” and I would answer, “Boredom is state of mind you’ve created for yourself.” Don’t let your business get boring!!!

So many times business owners say, “I want to be….bigger than….better than….my competition.” Well, that takes the chutzpah to do more than the day to day tasks of your biz. The networking needs to be constant, the marketing needs to be constant, the educating needs to be a constant and it has to be at the forefront of everything you do.

Recently I had lunch with a friend and he told me his company wants to go from a regional firm to a national firm. Let’s look at what needs to be done to make this happen.
Hire a marketing guru.
Build a new, state-of-the art website.
Begin to incorporate the goal (going national) into everything you do.
And, spend the money it takes to make this happen.

That’s generally the stopping block. ($$$) I want to go national but I don’t want to invest in it. I want to go national but I don’t want to take a risk. I want to go national but I don’t want to give anymore energy to the project.

7 Ideas for RECHARGING your BIZ

1. Position yourself and as expert, possibly the only expert, what do you do that no one else can do?

2. Budget dollars for the new initiative, hire people to help you. If you are a construction firm, you may not have marketing skills. HIRE!

3. Create a competitive edge (offer something no one else has).

4. Keep your employees in the loop, they are your best allies.

5. Don’t forget innovation and being on the cutting edge of your expertise.

6. Flexibility, easy to say hard to maintain. Keep flexible, be willing to ‘course correct’ when things go south.

7. Leverage your relationships…. call, meet with and contact anyone and everyone who can help you achieve your goal.images

One great example of a 21st Century business is UBER. We all talk about it, some us use it, some of us are still thinking about it. But UBER is replacing the good old yellow cab everywhere, especially big cities. UBER is an American worldwide online transportation network company headquartered in San Fransisco. It develops, markets and operates the Uber mobile “app” which allows consumers with smartphones to submit a trip request that the software program then automatically sends to the Uber driver nearest to the consumer, alerting the driver to the location of the customer.


YOU COULD BE UBER, just change your mind!

Carol is a Motivational Speaker, Executive Coach, Fundraising Strategist, Social Media Quarterback and Small Business Advisor. She is Lehigh Valley’s sought after consultant who assists organizations with results driven growth. Her strategies can be easily adapted to a for profit or non-profit environment. Carol specializes in high impact leadership, million dollar fundraising, smash the box marketing, and creating word of mouth epidemics for her clients. Visit Carol’s website at www.caroltalks.com and “LIKE” Carol at Caroltalks on Facebook. Carol S. Ritter, Past President, National Speakers Association Philadelphia and past board chair for St. Luke’s University Hospital Visiting Nurses Association & Hospice.

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