3 Types of Loyalty

Is loyalty important to you and your business? Have you given much thought to loyalty or are you just preparing to sell something? Can loyalty make or break your small business? Are your customers loyal to you, your product or service, or your brand? Food for thought, for sure. Let’s take a look at LOYALTY!

What works when it comes to loyalty?

1. BRAND LOYALTY – Your brand, product and customer service must rise above the competition. Ice cream, as an example, we all know that Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is a notch above the other brands. They stepped on the scene in a small gas station in Burlington Vermont. In 1983 they made the world’s largest ice cream sundae and in 1985 they established the Ben & Jerry’s Foundation to help in the community, then in 1986 they launched the Cowmobile marketing campaign and drove cross country handing out free ice cream nationwide. Do you see how they outsmarted all the competition?

2. PRODUCT OR SERVICE LOYALTY – Did you ever hear of a business where the customers say, “I don’t like the owner, their service is bad but they can fix an air conditioner like no other.” They are so good at what they do we can overlook the other two other factors. Can you see that some day a business could come on the scene and scoop up all their customers with outstanding service and an owner who works on strong relationships?

3. OWNER LOYALTY – and then there is the guy or gal who owns the business and is so friendly, so accommodating and so personable. BUT, when the cat’s away the mouse will play and their customer service is not so good and the product is not consistent. But the loyalist will return time after time because the research says that customers will pay more if you make me feel good and a smile is more valuable than a discount.

Webster describes loyal as unswerving in allegiance. When it comes to your business you may want your customers to be loyal to you, your product or service and your brand. It’s the perfect marriage, working to achieve this is pivotal to success. Think Loyal!

Carol is a Motivational Speaker, Executive Coach, Fundraising Strategist, Social Media Quarterback and Small Business Advisor. She is Lehigh Valley’s sought after consultant who assists organizations with results driven growth. Her strategies can be easily adapted to a for profit or non-profit environment. Carol specializes in high impact leadership, million dollar fundraising, smash the box marketing, and creating word of mouth epidemics for her clients. Visit Carol’s website at www.caroltalks.com and “LIKE” Carol at Caroltalks on Facebook. Carol S. Ritter, Past President, National Speakers Association Philadelphia and past board chair for St. Luke’s University Hospital Visiting Nurses Association & Hospice.

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